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A combination of electroporation and a chemotherapeutic drug, termed electrochemo-therapy, leads to a significant increase of the antitumor effect of the drug. The Cliniporator device, developed in our laboratory in collaboration with partners from France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Belgium within the 5th EU framework, is currently efficient for treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors. To allow for treatment of the tumors deeper in the body, either during surgery or with endoscopic electrodes, we are developing a system for synchronization of the pulses with the ECG signal. This system, which will be a component of the future generation of clinical electroporation devices, is being tested in collaboration with the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana.

We are also involved in the development of standard procedures for clinical electrochemotherapy. We have developed a database and a web-based medical record system for clinical trials of electrochemotherapy with the purpose of accelerating the establishment of the therapy and the experience sharing among the medical centers in Europe.


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