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Advanced Research Workshop
Radio Frequency Radiation Dosimetry
Its Relationship to the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
12 - 16 October 1998 Gozd Martuljek, SLOVENIA
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Working Group 1

Formation of International Consortium (MOA, Delegation of Effort, Funding for new dosimetry research)
      U.S. Chairperson: B. Jon Klauenberg
      European Chairperson: Mike Repachol


Working Group 2 (A & B & C)

A) Modeling Coordination (Existing models & when appropriate to use each model?)
      U.S. Chairperson: Patrick Mason
      European Chairperson: Peter Dimbylow

B) Numerical Codes & Algorithms
      U.S. Chairperson: Om Gandhi
      European Chairperson: Dina Simunic

C) Material properties and experimental procedures
      U.S. Chairperson:
      European Chairperson:

Working Group 3

Publication Format (Electronic & paper versions, development requirements)
      U.S. Chairperson: Tom Walters
      European Chairperson: Damijan Miklavcic


Working Group 4

Handbook Advisory Group (Which old and new topics go in new handbook & which chapters need modifications?)
      U.S. Chairperson: John Ziriax
      European Chairperson: Camelia Gabriel


Last Update: 1.1.1999
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