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Advanced Research Workshop
Radio Frequency Radiation Dosimetry
Its Relationship to the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
12 - 16 October 1998 Gozd Martuljek, SLOVENIA
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  Sunday 11 Oct 1998    
17:00 Registration    
18:00 Editorial Board Meeting All Session Chairpersons  
19:00 Get-together/Cash Bar All Welcome  
  DAY 1: Monday 12 Oct 1998    
7:00 Breakfast:    
8:30 Welcome: Host: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Franc Bratkovic (Dean) SLOVENIA
8:40 Introduction: Damijan Miklavcic: Co-Director SLOVENIA
8:50 NATO Research & Technology Organization (RTO) GEN Marc Pirou (Deputy Director) NATO RTA
9:00 NATO Involvement in RFR Research and Health Safety B. Jon Klauenberg: Co-Director UNITED STATES
9:20 DoD Support for Research Programs in Dosimetry and Measurements Michael R. Murphy UNITED STATES
9:40 Official Photograph    
10:00 Toast    
10:30 Session A: Basics of Electromagnetics and Dosimetry (Chair; Yuri Grigoriev) RUSSIA
10:40 Microwave Effect on Embryo Brain: Dose Dependence and the Effect of Modulation Yuri Grigoriev RUSSIA
11:00 Absorption Characteristics & Measurement Concepts William Hurt UNITED STATES
11:20 Dosimetry of Pulsed Fields Dina Simunic CROATIA
11:40 Biophysics Limits On The Biological Effects Of Ultrawideband Electromagnetic Radiation Robert Adair UNITED STATES
12:00 Discussion    
12:10 Lunch    
13:30 Session B: Dielectric Properties of Biological Tissue (Chair: Camelia Gabriel) UNITED KINGDOM
13:40 The Dielectric Properties Of Tissues Camelia Gabriel UNITED KINGDOM
14:00 Investigations of Tissue Microwave and Thermal Properties for Combined Microwave and Thermal Modeling of Body Tissue Regions David Land UNITED KINGDOM
14:20 Dielectric Properties of Skin Tapani Lahtinen FINLAND
14:40 Dielectric Properties of Human Crystalline Lens: Cataractogenic Effects of RFR Lazlo Szabo HUNGARY
15:00 Discussion    
15:10 Coffee Break    
15:30 Session C: Theoretical Dosimetry (Chair: Om Gandhi) UNITED STATES
15:40 Numerical and Experimental Methods for Dosimetry of RF Radiation: Some Recent Results Om Gandhi UNITED STATES
16:00 Electromagnetic Field Calculations in an Anatomically Realistic Voxel Model of the Human Body Peter Dimbylow UNITED KINGDOM
16:20 Theoretical Methods of Evaluation of Absorbed Dose of Non-Ionizing Radiation's in Nonuniform Media Marat Rudakov RUSSIA
16:40 Recent Advancements in Dosimetry Measurements and Modeling Patrick Mason UNITED STATES
17:00 Discussion    
17:10 Discussion Session: Review of Day 1 Chairs  
17:30 The Bioelectromagnetics Society Richard Luben (Past President) UNITED STATES
17:45 The European Bioelectromagnetics Association Guglielmo D'Inzeo (President) ITALY
18:00 Adjourn: Wine & Cheese tasting: Visit Posters and Displays    
19:00 Dinner    
  DAY 2: Tuesday 13 Oct 1998    
7:00 Breakfast    
8:30 Session D: Experimental Dosimetry (Chair: Niels Kuster) SWITZERLAND
8:40 State-of-the-Art of Experimental and Numerical Near-field Evaluation of RF Transmitters Niels Kuster SWITZERLAND
9:00 High-Resolution Microwave Dosimetry In Lossy Media Andrei Pakhomov RUSSIA
9:20 Infrared Thermography in Experimental Dosimetry of Radiofrequency and Millimeter Wavelength Radiation Exposure Eugene Khizhnyak RUSSIA
10:00 Biological Dosimetry Correlation to FD-TD Model Thomas Walters UNITED STATES
10:20 Coffee Break    
10:40 Exposure and Dosimetry of Low Frequency RF Fields Paolo Vecchia ITALY
11:00 Molecular Dosimetry (personal monitors) Jonathan Kiel UNITED STATES
11:20 Dosimetry of Magnetic Fields in the Radiofrequency Range Marko Markov BULGARIA
11:40 Current Status of Dosimetry in Evaluating Wireless Communications Technologies Guglielmo D'Inzeo ITALY
12:00 Discussion    
12:10 Lunch    
  Hike to nearby waterfall    
14:30 Session E: Contact and Induced Currents Chair: Michel Israel BULGARIA
14:40 Exposure Assessment of ELF, RF and Microwave Radiation; Methods and Standards for Databases Michel Israel BULGARIA
15:00 Biophysical Basis for Electrical Stimulation of Excitable Tissue: Application to Low Frequency Exposure Standards Patrick Reilly UNITED STATES
15:20 Dosimetry of RF Induced Body to Ground Current and Implications on Safety Standards Santi Tofani ITALY
15:40 Development of Induced & Contact Current Standards Based on SAR Measurements in the HF and VHF Regions John Leonowich UNITED STATES
16:00 Coffee Break    
16:20 Radiofrequency Measurements and Sources Peter Gajsek SLOVENIA
16:40 Induced Current Densities & SARS from Non-uniform, Near-field Exposure to Radiofrequency Magnetic Fields Philip Chadwick UNITED KINGDOM
17:00 Evaluating Partial-body Radiofrequency Field Exposures, The Need for Better Near-field Dosimetry Richard Tell UNITED STATES
17:20 Discussion    
17:30 Discussion Session: Review of Day 2 Chairs  
17:50 Adjourn: Free time    
19:00 Dinner    
  DAY 3: Wednesday 14 Oct 1998    
7:00 Breakfast:Note Early Meeting Start Time!!!!!    
8:10 Session F: Responses of Man and Animals I (Chair: Eleanor Adair) UNITED STATES
8:20 Thermoregulation: Its Role in Microwave Exposure Eleanor Adair UNITED STATES
8:40 Thermal Modeling of Microwave Irradiation of Tissue Ken Foster UNITED STATES
9:00 SAR Measurements in the Rhesus Monkey Ankle: Implications for Humans Richard Olsen UNITED STATES
9:20 Microwave Dosimetry and Lethal Effects in Laboratory Animals Vladislav Petin RUSSIA
9:40 Teratology James Merritt UNITED STATES
10:00 Discussion    
10:10 Coffee Break    
10:30 Session G: Responses of Man and Animals II (Chair: John D'Andrea) UNITED STATES
10:40 Effects of Microwave and Millimeter wave Radiation on the Visual System John D'Andrea UNITED STATES
11:00 Contemporary Research on the Behavioral Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation John deLorge UNITED STATES
11:20 Focusing Properties of Pulsed Signals Inside Biological Tissue Media Konstantina Nikita GREECE
11:40 9:00 MHz Electromagnetic Fields: Exposure Parameters and Effects on Djungarian Hamsters. Alexander Lerchl GERMANY
12:00 Ligand Binding under RF, EM Exposure Alessandro Chiabrera ITALY
12:20 Discussion    
12:30 Lunch    
13:50 Session H: Applications of Dosimetry in Biology & Medicine (Chair: Damijan Miklavcic) SLOVENIA
14:00 Biomedical Applications of EMF: Damijan Miklavcic SLOVENIA
14:20 The International EMF Project: RF Dosimetry and Biological Effects Research Michael Repacholi WHO / CH
14:40 Use of a Full-size Human Model for Evaluating Metal Implant Heating During Magnetic Resonance Imaging Chung-Kwang (C. K.) Chou UNITED STATES
15:00 Dose Determination in Epidemiological Studies Kjell Mild SWEDEN
15:20 Applications of Dosimetry in Military Epidemiological Studies Stanislaw Szmigielski POLAND
15:40 Discussion    
15:50 Coffee Break    
16:10 Session I: Standards and Applications (Chair: John Osepchuk) UNITED STATES
16:20 Radio Frequency Exposure Standards in the United States John Osepchuk UNITED STATES
16:40 The New ICNIRP Guidelines: Criteria, Restrictions, and Dosimetric Needs Jurgen Bernhardt GERMANY
17:00 Czech Limits and the European Prestandards Jan Musil CZECH REPUBLIC
17:20 Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure of Mobile Communications in Hungary and Evaluation Relevant to EU and National Standard: Base Stations and Handheld Devices Gyorgy Thuroczy HUNGARY
17:40 Requirements for the Protection of Persons and the Environment from Electromagnetic Fields of High Power Transmitters in the Federal Republic of Germany Klaus Hofmann GERMANY
18:00 RF Protective Clothing: Evaluation of RF Suites and minimum Requirements According to German Standards Gunter Bruckner GERMANY
18:20 Discussion    
18:30 Discussion Session: Review of Day 3 Chairs  
18:50 Adjourn    
19:00 Dinner    
19:45 Depart for Concert in the village church    
20:30 Concert in the village church    
22:30 Return to Hotel Spik    
  DAY 4: Thursday 15 Oct 1998    
7:00 Breakfast    
8:30 Session J: The Dosimetry Handbook (Chair, Patrick Mason) UNITED STATES
8:40 Historical Perspective on the Radio Frequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook John Mitchell UNITED STATES
9:00 Dosimetry Measurements and Modeling: Interactive Presentations in the New Dosimetry Handbook John Ziriax UNITED STATES
9:20 Rapporteur: Summary of Papers Tom McManus IRELAND
10:00 Charge to Working Groups B. Jon Klauenberg & Damijan Miklavcic  
10:10 Coffee Break    
10:30 Working Group Meetings    
12:30 Lunch    
14:00 Visit to Bled (nearby lake and castle, with dinner)    
22:00 Return to Hotel Spik    
  DAY 5: Friday 16 Oct 1998    
7:00 Breakfast    
8:30 Working Group Meetings    
10:00 Coffee Break    
10:20 Working Group Meetings    
11:20 Final Working Group Reports    
11:40 Closing Remarks (Co-Directors) B. Jon Klauenberg & Damijan Miklavcic  
12:00 Lunch    
12:00 Adjourn    
13:00 Excursion to Karst area, visiting Postojna caves with dinner in "dryinghouse" of Karst (Wind Dried Ham, wine tasting)    
22:00 Return to Hotel Spik    
  DAY 6: Saturday 17 Oct 1998 EARLY bus to Ljubljana    
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